Thirteen Feet Above

You know by now

How reluctant I am with words,



I can only write you love letters with my gaze



Time is but a perception.

The days and nights unfold onto one another, 

Keep me awake at night and find me sound asleep under the sun.

When we wake up,

A kiss is more than just a touch.

Does it or doesn't the state of pure euphoria feel so heavy sometimes?

I guess. In this world full of flaws, imperfections, and our own conflicting ways of selfishness, we prepare for happiness to be always fleeting. 

"Remember what happened the last time?"
"What will it be like if things go wrong?"

We spend our days and hours dissecting the past, pondering about the future. But where is now? 

We lose it. 

We lose it in the reading between every line and scrutinization of every detail. Questions go unanswered. Some of them maybe never meant to be answered. What does the heart say? 

It says to let go and breath. 

So I let go

Picked up the doubts and let them free fall from thirteen feet above,

To see them shatter into pieces.


I open my eyes in the morning,

You're still here, breathing gently beside me. 

And my love letter continues.


                                                       Wearing: Dress by  Reformation , leather jacket by  The Kooples,  shoes by  Rag & Bone

                                                       Wearing: Dress by Reformation, leather jacket by The Kooples, shoes by Rag & Bone