Momentarily Sprung

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."

  - Pablo Picasso

At the age of five, I was surely an artist.

At the age of fifteen, I still wanted to be an artist. 

At the age of twenty, I didn't consider myself one anymore. But I had secretly thought about it all the time.

Now I think I finally found my way back. 

Sometimes along this not so smooth creative journey, you meet people who inspire you to rethink your purpose, passion, and despite all the "what if's", to keep on going. 

One of them is the guy behind these lenses, not only because he's great at making me look effortlessly cool, but his relentless and passionate spirit had really left a mark on my perspective of my world and my work. As we sat down over banana bread and coffee, I learned about Will's journey of quitting his corporate full time job to pursue his passion in photography.

And creating beautiful images wasn't his only goal. "Photography is a medium in which I want to use to empower others to achieve their dreams."


So much we talked about made me think for days after.

The battle between my reality and dreams have always been constant. Balancing working full time, living the life of a twenty something in New York, and leading a fulfilling creative life always felt nearly impossible.

"It's not easy, but it's how bad you want it." Will had told me all about his regularly sleepless days. And I thought about the moments of pure bliss and happiness, whenever I am devoting myself to this creative outlet. Isn't that what this thing called life is about? Finding and doing the things that make your soul feel like dancing.


So in that case, what do I need to sleep for?

      Wearing: Turtleneck by Zara, Leather Skirt by The Kooples, Booties by Topshop.

      Wearing: Turtleneck by Zara, Leather Skirt by The Kooples, Booties by Topshop.

Photo cred: The amazing William Coles. Check out more of his work on instagram @whcoles