Dancing In Ice Or Fire


"The world will end in either ice or fire, or maybe both, but either way it could be beautiful"

- Peter Hutchinson

Minutes after these shots were taken, it was torrential downpour. And just in the strange, wonderful, and unpredictable way that it is, nature had us in awe of its beauty one second and then running for our lives the next. 

So this is our love hate relationship with the reality that nature created for us. Maybe that's why poets, artists, and creative minds since centuries ago have always used nature as a subject of inspiration, comparing its volatility to many other aspects of life itself.

It all goes back to one of my favorite exhibitions I recently stumbled upon - The Language of Nature by Peter Hutchinson. Hutchinson is a conceptualist who expresses his lust, fascination, and curiosity for nature with vibrant photo collages in unapologetically two dimensional formats.

My attraction to his work was rather unexpected, as I'm usually drawn to abstract and surrealist work, and subjects related to human psyche. But it was Peter's approach to his work that captivated me. Also as an avid lover of traveling, I found myself in a euphoric fantasy staring at the clashing colors of these familiar objects, seemingly obscure yet making perfect sense in ways I couldn't put my finger on. The element of romance and fantasy effused throughout this series, it made me want to see more, and know more.

His collage above named Apocalypse Then, was a dark, dramatic, yet undeniably magnificent depiction of fantasy nature. The calamity and sheer beauty makes us, the viewers, feel so small. 

            Wearing: Dress by  Zadig & Voltaire , Belt by  The Kooples , Sneakers by  New Balance , Choker by  Vanessa Mooney

            Wearing: Dress by Zadig & Voltaire, Belt by The Kooples, Sneakers by New Balance, Choker by Vanessa Mooney

     The weather in Williamsburg on that day reminded me of the blissful turbulence in Hutchinson's piece. These black and white photos shot at the state river park were me and my friend Nuno battling the wind, lack of proper lighting, and unpredictable tides.

But sometimes, it takes a little fighting in chaos to make your way to the gems.