No Sleep, Just Dreaming

"I wanted the whole world or nothing." - Charles Bukowski

Walking the Manhattan Bridge on a brisk Spring evening, it felt like that. Looking out to the skyscrapers, clouds, and glistening water through the webbed metal wires, it was as if we had the whole world in our arms. 

I always hear photographers talk about the Golden Hour, but very rarely will the logistical circumstances perfectly coincide with that small window of time. It was by accident that a slight delay led to us catching the warmest rays of sunshine. Nope, I'm not mad about it.

Living in a crowded, cramped, and always lively neighborhood like lower east side, sometimes I forget about this place of escape. This night was the time I reconnected with it. Something about seeing the city in perfect harmony with elements of nature just makes you feel like whatever it is you're going through, shit is going to turn out alright. 

Inspired by the repetitive linear shapes of the bridge, I ended up finally wearing a midi dress I bought months ago and just stuck inside my dresser. 

Dear Manhattan Bridge, I think I'll see you more often.

                Wearing: striped dress by  Topshop , dirty white sneakers by  New Balance

               Wearing: striped dress by Topshop, dirty white sneakers by New Balance

Photo Cred: Nuno Da Silva