Ocean's Sirens

Glistening water, take me to a place far away.

I sit here with the sun,

waited for the wind.

Sit here with the pain, 

waiting for the honey. 

Watch the sand swiftly escapes my fingertips


Driving down the open road and seeing the endless skies, it felt like we were inching toward the end of the earth. 

What a beautifully desolate place.

Although these photos were shot back in April, today's scorching weather made the memories float back into my mind. Montauk during this time of the year is the best. Winter is gone, and the Hamptons crowd has yet to arrive. Crisp, spring air fills our lungs and the town is full of delicious seafood and locals.

Just breathing with the simplest things.

I've always had people ask me, why do you have a blog? What's the goal of your blog? 

To be completely frank, a blogging career never interested me.

But I feel too much, think too much, and dream too much to not write, create, and share them with the world. My favorite designer and creative inspiration master James Victore once said: "in the particular, lies the universal." Somewhere somehow, these images and words could touch a soul or two. So in that sense, it's merely a fossilization my artistic existence.

I do it to remember that I'm alive.

Wearing: Kimono by  Urban Outfitters , dress by  Opening Ceremony .

Wearing: Kimono by Urban Outfitters, dress by Opening Ceremony.

Photos by my adventure companion Marina Zakhrabova