Leah Huang is a visual artist currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY


Since she was five, she had been obsessively drawing the world around her. After graduating from Boston College with a Marketing and Studio Arts degree in 2014, she found herself immersed but quickly disillusioned by corporate America. As a result, painting and photography became her escape.

Fascinated by this of coexistence of closeness and distance, her images depict droplets of these emotions that leak through small, seemingly insignificant moments. The foundation of her work is emotion, the force that transcends physicality and reasons explainable by science. As a result the approach is both gestural and figurative. She continues to observe and experiment with the impact of visual juxtaposition, in organic environments as well as inside her studio. 



Artist Residencies:

OPENINGS NY Summer Artist Residency 2018 - Lake George, NY

ConArtist Artist Residency 2018 - Lower East Side, NY



Fall ‘18 Residency Showcase - ConArtist Collective, Lower East Side, NY