The Creature Down Below

She knew imprisonment

because she also knew freedom.

I remember years ago when I was studying abroad in London, my friends and I

played a game of "what animal would you be?"

And they said I was a fish.

"Because like a fish, you're sometimes social and will gladly swim with a school of neighbors, but you have no problem going off on your own."

It's true, solitude recharges me. 

Perhaps I feel too many things that others cannot empathize with. But perhaps everyone does. We just pretend to have too much in common.

     I don't know about you, but things are sometimes more interesting in my head. 


Modern lovers with nostalgic souls. 

Twirl me around

Under the jazz infused moonlight.

"With the world falling apart,

we pick this time to fall in love."



Compilation of photos from various collaborations: Photographs by Nuno Da Silva, Stephanie Severance, & Myself.